We have the following publicly presentable references:

Aerospace design
Transport vehicle prototypes and serial produced parts
Industrial models & proof of concept parts
Boat and yacht parts, sporting goods
Tooling (Metal, Composites, Wood, MDF, PUR, Epoxy foams etc.)
Design services


Aircraft prototypes - Avana Larus turboprop amphibious aircraft:

Our company was/is involved with 6 other designs (1 helicopter, 2 aerobatic airplanes, 2 trainers and 1 UL), some of them are covered with NDA.

Aircraft modifications - Alejandro McLean:

Alex has approached to us to improve the handling of his MXS plane using his ideas. In 3 days we cut his wing, rebuilt it, painted and reassembled the airplane and he pulled 12-15G turns to test the modification. He was pleased with our services. (Alex crashed in 2010 in a different airplane during a practice session in Spain.)

Aircraft repair - Yoshi Muroyama:

During a practicing session in Budapest the new exhaust burned out the engine cowling of Yoshi's Red Bull Air Race airplane. After the practicing session at 6pm the cowling was removed, new tooling was made, the cowling was rebuilt, painted and reassembled all this in less then 12 hours. Next morning Yoshi was able to qualify for the race.


Composite bus parts:

Avana provided thousands of parts for US and European made buses, both with metal and composite bodies:

Avana became a key supplier for NABI and provided the vast majority of composite parts for the NABI Sirius European built buses:


Our company provided lightweight parts for racing boats including LISA the Balaton Blue Ribbon race winner sailboat:


Over the years we made hundreds of tools for various bus manufacturers, both small and large toolings:

Metal tooling for military UAV, Aerospace parts, and composite tooling for automotive windshield tolerance check:

Aerospace tooling for military helicopter, Red Bull racer, our company tooled up over a dozen aircraft and UAVs.

Tooling services for sport cars, bikes.

Ground support equipment for the transport of the semi-finished Diamond DA42 aircraft.

Industrial designs:

Solar powered garden shower:


Coffee machine:

Michelin Design Contest at Detroit Car Show: